Pick a Mentor who has Excelled at your Dream Job or Career

  • How Try A Mentor works For Mentees

    1. Browse, Schedule and Book your First Meeting

    Start by searching for the Job Role you are interested in being Mentored in. A list of Mentors will appear. You can then filter this list further to make the Mentors found even more specific to your needs. Once you find a Mentor you like, simply check their availability, book your first meeting, which will be free of charge and just 20 minutes in length. This meeting will allow you to see how the Mentor can help or if another Mentor would be a better fit.

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    2. Have a great Meeting with your Mentor

    Now that you know that the Mentor can really help, simply check the Mentor’s availability for future meetings, book in one or more-hour segments, and make a secure payment.

    Meet your mentor on the chosen date and time through our inbuilt video conferencing tool. They will deliver real guidance, direction, and inspiration in finding, interviewing for, or performing your current or future Job Role. Meet them as often as needed by scheduling further meetings through our booking system

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    3. Make this Service even better & help others choose a Mentor

    Share your feedback and rate your Mentoring experience. Let us know what you liked/disliked about it to help us to improve the services we are offering you, and to help others find a suitable Mentor.

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  • How Try A Mentor works For Mentors

    1. Create a Mentor Account

    Start by clicking “Become A Mentor” at the top right-hand corner of this page. Enter identity information and your e-mail.

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    2. Start Building your Mentor Profile

    Tell potential Mentees about your work and educational history. Once you confirm your email you will be given the opportunity to select the specific Job Roles you can help with. To define this, click “Roles I can Mentor” which once you are signed up will appear in the top right-hand corner of each page. Here you will also define when you will be available, how much you will charge, and so on.

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    3. Start Mentoring

    You are all set. Bookings will arrive, an e-mail will appear before each meeting, that will allow you through a single click to begin the meeting / video conferencing application, and payments to you will be automatic. The first meeting with a Mentee is a “free trial meeting” and is free of charge. It should only be 20 minutes max in length to allow you to assess if you can really help. After that all meetings are charged for and booked in one or more-hour segments.

    Try A Mentor will provide on-going support and resources for you, including a Mentee Management System and optional free training on how to improve your Mentoring skills.

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