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My first ice cream.


Tryamentor.com is a digital platform designed to enable you to pick a Mentor who has excelled at your dream job or career. Once picked, they can help you shape your career path, prepare for interviews, and provide guidance to empower you to excel in your current and future job roles.

Equally Tryamentor.com empowers people to both share and monetize their Career and Job Role experience through becoming a Mentor.

Who we are

Try A Mentor was started by Kenneth D. Glynn (founder). It is now a part of his overarching company, the Beacon HRM Group which is in turn an international Talent Consultancy. Beacon supplies Training, Executive Coaching, eLearning, and Talent Management services across the globe through its divisions of Beacon Training, Beacon Talent and eBeacon. Offices are in New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Auckland, and Dublin. Visit our parent website by clicking this link www.beaconhrm.com

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